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See Israel the Kibbutz way

Staying on a kibbutz is a unique experience you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The kibbutz movement provides Israel’s largest, most widespread network of hotels, holiday villages and country lodgings. Located throughout Israel’s beautiful countryside near to all places of interest. This enables you to see all the main sights of Israel whilst staying in delightful hotels with all modern facilities while experiencing the unique atmosphere of a kibbutz day.

What is a kibbutz

The kibbutz movement started in the early 20th century by pioneers who wanted a more egalitarian way of life based on agriculture. They set up collective communities where each member worked equal amounts; possessions and earnings were shared, everyone ate together and children were raised communally. Today there are approximately 270 kibbutzim in Israel and although they are no longer strictly collective communities their unique atmosphere has been preserved as have the original industries and agriculture. Each kibbutz has its own unique character and when you visit there will be opportunities to tour the kibbutz and soak up the distinctive atmosphere.

Kibbutz Accommodation

The Kibbutz Hotels and holiday villages are located on the kibbutz premises providing all the amenities of regular hotels with the special family-friendly atmosphere of the kibbutz. The kibbutz hotels are comfortable and modern accommodation of a high standard in picturesque locations. Some are even luxurious and equivalent to a 4 star hotels with pools that are open in the summer months.

Kibbutz Fly and Drive Packages

The perfect way to see and explore Israel, conveniently touring at your own pace. Travelink will assist you in planning your itinerary, arranging flights and car hire and pre-booking your kibbutz hotel accommodation throughout Israel.

You can choose locations from the southernmost point of Eilat on the Red Sea to the North near the snowy slopes of Mount Hermon.

See our selection of Kibbutz Holiday Packages including car and accommodation below. Please call for prices.


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