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Visit one of Israel's oldest settlements

Rosh Pina is a small pastoral village in the rural area of the Upper Galilee. Rosh Pina is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful sites in the state of Israel . Despite of its tiny size Rosh Pina is a local culture and recreation centre and has many restaurants, various coffee house, many art galleries and a cinema. You can tour the Restoration Site (a national historic site) with its lovely stone structure.

Established in 1882, it is built on the slopes of Mt. Canaan and is a recommended stop, especially the old quarter, with its cobblestone streets. Some of the homes of the pioneers have been restored in their original style.

The quarter has attracted many artists, who made it their home, and one can visit and view their work. The site includes a beautiful garden (the Baron's Park). The local restaurant/pub overlooks the park and the surrounding area.

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